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Foreign Aid Portal

Welcome to the foreign aid portal page. Dive into the data and analysis by using the quick facts or scroll down to see all data, opinion pieces and publications.

Analyzing Canada’s Foreign Assistance

2016 International Assistance Spending
Amount per Canadian (2016)
Percentage of 2016 federal budget spending
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Canada’s Commitment to Global Health

Muskoka and Maternal, Natal and Child Health initiatives
Total Muskoka MNCH commitment 2010-2015
Renewed Muskoka MNCH commitment 2015-2020
Muskoka MNCH expenditure 2010-11 to 2014-15
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Foreign Aid Project Level Analysis

New projects started to date in 2015. Total value: $35 million (approx.)
Health is the largest sector in Canadian aid. Total health spending at the project level in 2012-13
Projects (by value) implemented by Canadian non-profit civil society organizations in 2012-13
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Aniket Bhushan
Corinne L. Mason
Diana Zeidan
Fanny Siauw-Soegiarto
Foreign Aid
Gavin Charles
Jyotsna Venkatesh
Matthew Gouett
Norhan Awadallah
Purbita Sengupta
Rachael Calleja
Robert Sauder
Shannon Kindornay
Sustainable Development

How Much Private Finance is Mobilized by Official Development Finance?

Analysis of OECD-DAC data on amounts mobilized from the private sector by official development finance[...]

Canada’s Turn to Feminist International Assistance: By the Numbers

Analyzing Canada's turn to 'feminist international assistance' by unpacking the proposed targets and numbers[...]

G7 and Development

Analysis of G7 agendas, priorities and where development fares, since the last time Canada hosted the G7 in 2010 (Muskoka)[...]

Canada and the OECD-DAC aid statistics

Quick overview of recently updated comparative aid statistics from the OECD-DAC[...]

Canada’s 2016 ODA/GNI ratio: 0.26

Analysis of 2016 ODA and ODA/GNI figures from the OECD-DAC April 2017 preliminary update[...]

Analysis of 2015-16 Development Spending: Three Findings

Analysis of 2015-16 actual development spending, based on the Statistical Report released in March 2017[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Data Data Data Opinion

Canada’s 2017 Budget: Why nothing new isn’t all bad news

It could be worse. From the Arms Trade Treaty to commitments to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights programs, Aniket Bhushan assesses the budget’s international elements[...]

Political Numbers: Doveryai, no proveryai

Un-spinning announcements related to international spending[...]

GAC Departmental Plan 2017-18, Development Spending and March Madness

Analysis of development related plans from the GAC Departmental Plan for 2017-18[...]

Main Estimates 2017-18 and Development Spending

Analysis of development related planned spending from the Main Estimates 2017-18[...]

Global Fund Fifth Replenishment Conference

What is the Global Fund? How is Canada contributing to it?[...]

Data Report 2016

Key trends and patterns in Canadian international assistance, trade, migration, remittances, and investment[...]

Progress — and missteps — in foreign aid plans

Global Affairs Canada is asking Canadians to participate in an International Assistance Review, which will inform future foreign aid and development policy. This review comes more than 10 years since the last policy[...]

Canada’s Development Finance Initiative: Resources and Analyses

Resources and analyses related to Canada's development finance institution (DFI)[...]

Developing Countries Trade with Canada: Gains from Unilateral Tariff Reform

How much could developing countries gain from unilateral tariff reduction and reform by Canada?[...]

Canada and the OECD-DAC aid statistics – 2015

Quick overview of recently updated comparative aid statistics from the OECD-DAC[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data

Canada’s Foreign Aid

Canada’s foreign aid spending totaled CAD$ 5.4 billion in 2013, compared to CAD$ 5.66 billion in 2011. This equates to about C$ 154 per Canadian[...]

Did Budget 2016 Deliver: A Follow-up Checklist

Pre Budget watch list focusing on development, trade, investment in global affairs[...]

Budget 2016: Canada is back on the global stage

Pre Budget watch list focusing on development, trade, investment in global affairs[...]

Budget 2016: High level areas

Pre Budget watch list focusing on development, trade, investment in global affairs[...]

Muskoka MNCH and Fragile States

As a group, fragile states have lagged behind other developing countries in the achievement of many MDG targets, including those pertaining to maternal and newborn child health (MNCH). Aniket Bhushan and Rachael Calleja[...]

Is it time to change how we measure development effort?

Is ODA/GNI a good measure of donor effort? What is it good for? And what other ways might we measure fiscal effort on development more directly?[...]

Refugee costs in donor countries reported as ODA

Analysis of in-donor refugee costs reported as foreign aid, and the impact of the ongoing refugee/migration crisis on aid budgets[...]
Data Data Data

Climate Change

Analysis series on Canada and climate change, and the Paris COP21 conference[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data

Natural Disasters and Canada’s Humanitarian Relief Allocations

Natural Disasters and Canada's Humanitarian Relief Allocations (1999-2014). Data related to quantitative analysis on factors underpinning Canadian contributions to natural disasters[...]

Natural Disasters and Canada’s Humanitarian Relief Allocations

How need-based is Canadian humanitarian assistance? Kateryna Sherysheva reports the results from a quantitative study looking at factors driving humanitarian assistance from Canada[...]

Canada’s Incoming Government on Sustainable Development

This post follows on our recent series on the Sustainable Development Goals and takes a look at what the incoming government has to offer[...]

Does Merging Improve Aid Efficiency?

Rachael Calleja examines whether merging formerly autonomous aid agencies into larger foreign affairs ministries and bureaucracies leads to administrative efficiency and lower costs[...]

Canada’s foreign policy election debate: what about development?

On September 28, 2015, The Munk Centre will host Canada’s first ever federal election debate devoted to foreign policy issues. We can expect to see any number of key issues on the table[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Data Data Data

Canada’s Development Footprint Beyond Aid: Interactive

Interactive version of Canada's development footprint beyond aid infographic. Data on aid, trade, investment and remittance flows in comparative perspective[...]

Canada and the Financing for Development process

Update on the emerging Financing for Development (FFD) agenda and processes, and Canadian perspectives surrounding the same[...]

Exceeding Commitments: Muskoka and MNCH

Recently updated data shows Canada exceeded its stated commitment to Muskoka and MNCH[...]

Canada Among Global Donors

Looking at the size of aid, Canada’s rank as donor continues to fall. Is it all bad news?[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Publications Shannon Kindornay

Harnessing Development Data: highlights from a workshop with Canadian stakeholders

On March 31, 2014, the Canadian International Development Platform (CIDP), an initiative of the former North-South Institute, and now housed at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA), organized a workshop in[...]

Paying for Impact: Results Based Approaches in Development Finance

The aim of this brief is to summarize key messages from a forthcoming research paper, “Paying for Impact: Results-based Approaches in Development Finance, Situating Canadian Efforts in a Global Context”. This paper is[...]

Canada and the OECD-DAC aid statistics – 2014

Quick overview of recently updated comparative aid statistics from the OECD-DAC[...]
Data Data

Development Projects

Who is going what and where? Explore project level aid spending, by country, across sectors, and types of implementing partners. Visualize aid projects across sectors[...]

Financing Global Health: Muskoka and MNCH

Maternal and newborn child health is Canada's main foreign aid priority. Track Canada's commitment to global health, through its Muskoka and MNCH financing[...]

Development Projects: Real-Time

This dashboard can be used to track development projects (near) real-time. The latest project launches, are organized by start date, budget, executing partner, country, description and expected results[...]


Data from Canada (DFATD) publication to the the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) registry. IATI is the global aid transparency standard[...]
Data Data

Canadian Charities Active Internationally

The data presented consists of information pulled from the T3010 tax returns filed with Canada Revenue Agency by all registered Canadian charities. This dashboard can be used to explore and compare Canadian[...]

Corruption, Regime Type, and Aid

We wondered what would happen if we overlaid Canada’s 2010-11 foreign aid map with data on corruption (from Transparency International) and recipient country regime type (from Freedom House)[...]

Aid and Remittances from Canada

Globally, remittances sent home by migrant workers are estimated to be anywhere from 3 to 4 times aid flows. The two data dashboards above are aimed at providing a comparison between foreign aid[...]
Data Data Data Data Data Publications

Canada’s Development Footprint Beyond Aid

Foreign aid is only one of the ways by which Canada engages with developing countries. This infographic compares foreign aid with other flows such as trade, investment and remittances, between Canada and[...]

Fast Data: Making the Most of Disruptive Innovation

The forthcoming edition of the SAIS Review published by Johns Hopkins University Press includes an article titled “Fast Data, Slow Policy: Making the Most of Disruptive Innovation in International Affairs”[...]
Data Publications Shannon Kindornay

Introducing the Post-2015 Data Test

To ensure what comes after the Millennium Development Goals, which end in 2015, is measurable and realistic, the post-2015 agenda has called for a “data revolution”. The revolution, it is hoped, will[...]
Data Data Publications Shannon Kindornay

Post-2015 Data Test : Canada Workshop Report

This workshop report summarizes the discussions had at the Post-2015 Data Test Canada Workshop[...]
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