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Canada and the United Nations Security Council: A primer on the upcoming election

Canada is competing to win one of the two available seats in the Western Europe and Others Group of[...]

Quantifying COVID-19’s slowdown in development spending: New project starts and contracts

COVID-19 has had widespread impacts in terms of slowdowns across a range of sectors[...]

Development spending and UNSC: How does Canada compare with Ireland and Norway?

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ODA in response to crises: Portfolio risks and fragmentation

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ODA is “recession proof”: a reality check

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Economic development and poverty reduction amid COVID-19: Projections, scenarios, and associated uncertainties

This analysis, the first in a series, outlines projected effects of COVID-19 on global economic growth, trade, investment, and[...]

Analysis of Canada’s 2018-19 Development Spending

Analysis of 2018-19 actual development spending, based on the Statistical Report released in March 2020[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Opinion

IAE Transparency: A Guide for Civil Society and Advocacy

A guide for civil society and advocacy groups on upcoming new GAC reporting on the international assistance envelope (IAE)[...]