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Building Back Better: COVID, Deglobalization, and Canada’s Trade

How have Canadian exports performed during COVID19 and what is needed to ‘build back better’? We discuss recommendations to[...]

Building Back Better: Migration and Remittances

Risks from deglobalization are greater for Canada than its peers[...]
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Building Back Better: Four Commitments Canada Should Make on International Development

Canada should make four commitments on international development immediately[...]
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Throne Speech: Opportunity to Stimulate Canada’s Support for Development

The recent, September 23, Throne Speech, offers a significant opportunity to meaningfully stimulate Canada’s support for development[...]

Reset Canada’s Approach to International Climate Finance

This report presents Canadian International Development Platform and Engineers Without Borders Canada submission to Global Affairs Canada's international climate[...]

Improving climate-specific development finance data: A complementary method to DAC climate markers

The aim of this analysis is to suggest and test an improved method for the valuation of DAC climate-related[...]

Unpacking climate-related development finance: An update

This analysis updates our past work on climate-related development finance (CRDF)[...]

Canada and the United Nations Security Council: A primer on the upcoming election

Canada is competing to win one of the two available seats in the Western Europe and Others Group of[...]