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Aniket Bhushan Data Data Opinion

IAE Transparency: A Guide for Civil Society and Advocacy

A guide for civil society and advocacy groups on upcoming new GAC reporting on the international assistance envelope (IAE)[...]

Where do the major political parties stand on development going into the election?

This analysis provides a quick overview of major party platforms and policy ideas related to development going into the[...]

Canadian Aid and the SDGs – Prioritization, Resourcing, and Influence

Canada on the Global Stage: Where to Next?, a data-driven guide to evaluating political promises as we head into[...]

25% cut to foreign aid: Common sense check

This analysis checks some of the assumptions and claims made surrounding a proposed 25% cut to foreign aid[...]

Canada’s Commitment to Global Climate-related Development Finance

This analysis, which complements our analysis of climate-friendly export competitiveness, discusses and evaluates Canada's commitment to global climate-related development[...]

Climate-friendly Exports: Canadian Comparative Advantage

This analysis looks at whether Canada has a revealed comparative advantage (RCA) when it comes to climate-friendly exports[...]

Canada’s historic $1.4billion annual commitment to women and girls’ health

Analysis of Canada's $1.4bn annual commitment to women and girls' health made at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver,[...]

Increasing Development Spending at No Fiscal Cost

This analysis looks at prospects to increase Canada's development spending at little to no cost to the taxpayer, based[...]