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Submission to Department of Finance Pre-Budget Consultation on Budget 2021

CIDP presents its submission to the Department of Finance Pre-Budget Consultation on Budget 2021[...]

Canada’s Covax Dilemma: A lesson in the need for more thoughtful messaging and meaningful transparency

Key data and analysis on Canada's global COVID-19 response and Covax dilemma[...]

Stepping Up to the Plate or Plugging Holes in a Dam? OECD-DAC Donors and Global COVID19 Response

In early April, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee (OECD-DAC) will release preliminary official development[...]

Submission to Department of Finance Consultation on Official Development Assistance, 2020

This submission to Canada's Department of Finance Consultation on Official Development Assistance addresses both: Canada’s presence in multilateral institutions,[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Opinion

2020 Fall Economic Statement and IAE Scenarios for Canada

The 2020 Fall Economic Statement (FES) did not allocate any additional resources to Canada’s International Assistance Envelope (IAE), the[...]

Building Back Better: COVID, Deglobalization, and Canada’s Trade

How have Canadian exports performed during COVID19 and what is needed to ‘build back better’? We discuss recommendations to[...]

Building Back Better: Migration and Remittances

Risks from deglobalization are greater for Canada than its peers[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Opinion

Building Back Better: Four Commitments Canada Should Make on International Development

Canada should make four commitments on international development immediately[...]