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    • Canada’s Foreign

      Unpacking Canada's development footprint

    • Financing for

      What is different? What is the same? Key Issues and Resources

    • Financing Global Health:
      Muskoka and MNCH

      Analyzing Canada’s contribution to global health

    • Canadian Foreign Direct Investment Abroad

      Tracking Canadian Foreign Direct Investment abroad

    • Tracking Canada’s
      Trade Flows

      Highlighting Canada's engagement with developing countries

    • Explore migration to Canada and Remittance Outflows

      See which countries receive the largest remittances from Canada


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    Fast Data: Making the Most of Disruptive Innovation

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    NSI Senior Researcher Aniket Bhushan on Kevin Newman Live

    Canada has committed an additional $3.5 billion to maternal and newborn child health (MNCH), from 2015 to 2020[...]
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    As Canada’s maternal, newborn and child health summit — the first of its kind — kicks off today, the[...]
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    Where did Canada’s aid go in 2012-13?

    This is a preliminary post, while we update our time-series data[...]
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    Canada is Backsliding on Global Generosity

    Despite Canadians’ self-image as a generous international leader, our global influence in the fight against poverty is dwindling[...]

    Foreign Aid: Recovering After Crisis?

    The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has released their preliminary data on foreign aid[...]
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    Bangladeshi-Canadian Team Road Tests the Post-2015 Development Agenda

    In the year 2000, world leaders adopted the Millennium Declaration, a global commitment to a peaceful, prosperous, and equitable[...]
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    3 Big Questions for Canada’s Role in International Development

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