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Investment Portal

Welcome to the investment portal page. Dive into the data and analysis by using the quick facts or scroll down to see all data, opinion pieces and publications.

Analyzing Canada’s Foreign Direct Investment Abroad

Total stock of Canadian foreign direct investment abroad (prelim, 2013)
China is a far bigger investor in Canada than vice versa. Net Canadian foreign direct investment position with China (2015)
Total stock of Canadian foreign direct investment in Sub-Saharan Africa $5 billion (2015)
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Aniket Bhushan
Fanny Siauw-Soegiarto
Foreign Aid
Jyotsna Venkatesh
Matthew Gouett
Norhan Awadallah
Purbita Sengupta
Rachael Calleja
Robert Sauder
Shannon Kindornay
Sustainable Development
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Data Data Data Opinion

Canada’s 2017 Budget: Why nothing new isn’t all bad news

It could be worse. From the Arms Trade Treaty to commitments to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights programs, Aniket Bhushan assesses the budget’s international elements[...]

Data Report 2016

Key trends and patterns in Canadian international assistance, trade, migration, remittances, and investment[...]

Canada’s Development Finance Initiative: Resources and Analyses

Resources and analyses related to Canada's development finance institution (DFI)[...]

Developing Countries Trade with Canada: Gains from Unilateral Tariff Reform

How much could developing countries gain from unilateral tariff reduction and reform by Canada?[...]

Did Budget 2016 Deliver: A Follow-up Checklist

Pre Budget watch list focusing on development, trade, investment in global affairs[...]

Budget 2016: Canada is back on the global stage

Pre Budget watch list focusing on development, trade, investment in global affairs[...]

Budget 2016: High level areas

Pre Budget watch list focusing on development, trade, investment in global affairs[...]

Innovation in Development Finance: Time to go beyond the low hanging fruit

How to get beyond the low hanging fruit in development finance innovation[...]
Data Data Data

Climate Change

Analysis series on Canada and climate change, and the Paris COP21 conference[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Data Data Data

Canada’s Development Footprint Beyond Aid: Interactive

Interactive version of Canada's development footprint beyond aid infographic. Data on aid, trade, investment and remittance flows in comparative perspective[...]

Canada and the Financing for Development process

Update on the emerging Financing for Development (FFD) agenda and processes, and Canadian perspectives surrounding the same[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Publications

Financing for Development Briefing

This briefing note outlines key issues and links to resources related to the Financing for Development agenda, in the lead up to the third FfD conference in July 2015[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data

Financing for Development

The Third FfD conference will take place in July 2015 in Ethiopia. This is where the financing agenda to support the ever ambitious post 2015 sustainable development goals, will be agreed[...]

Canadian Foreign Direct Investment Abroad

Foreign investment by Canadian corporations forms a key part of Canada’s engagement globally. In a globalized world FDI is a key driver of financing for development[...]
Data Data Data Data Data Publications

Canada’s Development Footprint Beyond Aid

Foreign aid is only one of the ways by which Canada engages with developing countries. This infographic compares foreign aid with other flows such as trade, investment and remittances, between Canada and[...]

3 Big Questions for Canada’s Role in International Development

The first week of February is International Development Week. It is an opportunity to celebrate Canada’s efforts in alleviating poverty around the world, and also an opportunity to think about Canada’s role in[...]

Its All About the Money

Development organizations around the world are energized by the possibility of ending extreme poverty by 2030 thanks to dramatic reductions in global poverty over the last decade. What is getting left out of[...]
Data Data Data Publications Shannon Kindornay

Economic Relations Between Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean

This report provides an overview of Canada’s trade, investment and aid relations with Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. Canada’s foreign policy towards the region has focussed on the establishment and improvement[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Publications

Financing the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Domestic Revenue Mobilization in Africa

Attention is starting to turn to how the ambitious post-2015 agenda will be financed. High expectations are being set for the role that domestic resource mobilization can play in financing the post-2015[...]
Data Data Publications Shannon Kindornay

Mapping Private Sector Engagements in Development Cooperation

This report presents findings from a mapping study on how different development cooperation actors, including multilateral development institutions, bilateral donors, development finance institutions, providers of South-South Development Cooperation (SSDC), foundations, non-governmental organizations[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data Data Publications

Beyond Aid: Trade, Investment, and Remittances between Canada and Developing Countries

This report provides a sense of Canada’s development footprint beyond aid. It does this by drawing on data from The North South-Institute’s Canadian International Development Platform (CIDP) which comprises the most[...]
Aniket Bhushan Data Data

Canadian Mining in Africa

This dashboard provides data and analysis on Canadian owned producing mines in Africa in 2011 and 2012[...]
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