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Natural Disasters and Canada’s Humanitarian Relief Allocations

Interactive data on natural disasters (1999 – 2014), by numbers of people affected, deaths, and Canada’s humanitarian relief allocations (in USD).


The above visualization and data are linked to quantitative analysis of Canadian humanitarian relief allocations to natural disasters. The analysis is motivated by inquiry into whether Canada’s humanitarian relief allocations are purely need based or also reflect strategic considerations.

The sample consists of 674 natural disasters since 1999. The need variables, number of casualties and the number of people affected were taken from the EM-DAT Database while funding data was taken from OCHA FTS. The empirical model controls for recipient country’s capacity to respond to disasters in addition to variables that could be interpreted as strategic factors. The model assesses both Canada’s decision of whether or not to provide relief in a disaster and if yes, the amount to provide.

For more details, findings and recommendations click here.

Interact with the Data

Circles are sized to reflect number of people affected by the natural disaster, colors reflect the type of disaster.

Use the “Year” drop-down to change the year – this will update all data by year. The data in any given year can be further limited by the type of disaster and country.

Hovering over circles will highlight details regarding the type of disaster, number of people affected, casualties, and Canada’s contributions (if any) in USD.

Image files, PDFs and or the raw data (as Excel cross-tab or CSV) can be downloaded directly from the visualization. Press “reset” to set the visualization to start.


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