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Measuring Governance


The data and interactive visualization above were developed as part of a collaborative research project with CIGI.

The aim of the project was to develop a comprehensive compendium of index based measures of governance.

Governance is defined as “the delivery of essential services or political goods to constituents by government”.

Meta data and index level scoring data was gathered on over 100 index based measures of governance. These indexes were classified in five bundles of critical political goods: security and safety, rule of law and transparency, political participation and respect for human rights, sustainable economic development, and human development.

How to use the data

The data show that most measures of governance focus on sustainable economic development, or in other words economic development issues feature widely across governance indexes.

To view individual indexes within each group click on the main circles. This will sort the index list. Hover over individual indexes in the list to navigate to panels which show meta data including mission statement, known uses, coverage of the index, underlying data sources and availability of data.

Use the “Download” options to export data as image, PDF, or directly to Excel spreadsheets.

NSI CIGI Governance Metabase (MS Excel)


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