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Development Projects: Real-Time

This dashboard can be used to track development projects (near) real-time. The latest project launches, are organized by start date, budget, executing partner, country, description and expected results.


This dashboard visualizes data from a combination of DFATD open data project browser updates, and Canada’s IATI registry updates.

Its main purpose is to track new projects as they are launched.

So far in 2015, 13 new projects worth around $35 million in terms of project budgets, have been launched. The majority of this comprises responsive emergency funding (Syria and Typhoon Hagupit).


As this is higher frequency data, background scripts check for updates at least every month, however the view is only updated if new information is added.

The last update was in February 2015.

One issue to be aware of is that the two main sources of in year aid projects data – IATI and the projects browser – may not always be consistent. Where this is the case we visualize the browser data in the view above. See the IATI explorer for IATI data.

How to use the data

Individual projects data is stacked on year of start. Two adjacent panels are provided that show the count of projects, and the total value (i.e. budget size).

Drop downs can be used to select specific time periods, when projects started or ended, what their current status is, by sector, or by country.

Additionally the value slider can also be used to limit the budget size.

For instance, the dashboard can be used to easily and rapidly address specific queries like: which projects, with budget over $10 million, in the health sector, that started in 2010, are still active, when do they end, and who are the partners delivering the project?

Further details can be accessed by hovering over project titles and selecting results and details, which switches the view to a second pane.

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