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February 2016

Is it time to change how we measure development effort?

Is ODA/GNI a good measure of donor effort? What is it good for? And what other ways might we measure fiscal effort on development more directly?

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Muskoka MNCH and Fragile States

As a group, fragile states have lagged behind other developing countries in the achievement of many MDG targets, including those pertaining to maternal and newborn child health (MNCH). With predictions that absolute poverty will increasingly be concentrated in fragile contexts, there is a growing need to pay special attention to programming in these countries.

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Sub-Saharan Africa: 2035 and Beyond

As emerging economies in the Sub-Saharan Africa region continue to develop, what trends should governments across the region, and international donors and the region’s development partners, like Canada, look out for in the medium to long term?

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Try to forget Industrialization

The challenge is to figure out how service economies can deliver reasonably equitable growth. Jean Daudelin takes a look at why development and industrialization may not be synonymous.

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February 9, 2016: The Sustainable Development Goals: What do they mean for New Brunswick? Atlantic Council for International Cooperation

This one day workshop featured a Webinar by Shannon Kindornay speaking about what the SDG’s mean for New Brunswick.

February 3, 2016: Sustainable Development Goals – Realistic or Idealistic? Hive, Vancouver

Hosted by PeaceGeeks and Amnesty International, Shannon Kindornay provided an overview of the Sustainable Development Goals, unpacking how they differ from the Millennium Development Goals.

February 1, 2016: Trudeau’s Foreign Policy – The First 100 Days, Carleton University, Ottawa

This one day event evaluated the Trudeau government’s foreign policy agenda during its first 100 days. Aniket Bhushan presented on the new government’s approach to development and trade. The video from the panel is available here.

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