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January 2016

Innovation in Development Finance: Time to go beyond the low hanging fruit

Canadian ministers reinforced their interest in development finance at Davos. But Aniket Bhushan argues that for real impact, it is time to think bigger. This piece originally appeared on opencanada.org.

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Refugee costs spent in donor countries reported as foreign aid

The impact of the ongoing refugee and migration crisis on OECD-DAC (and select non-DAC) donor foreign aid budgets and reporting.

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Private Sector Engagement in Canadian Development

A new approach to private sector engagement in Canadian development cooperation?

Drawing on several years of research, Shannon Kindornay synthesizes key lessons that should inform Canada’s engagement with the private sector in development going forward.

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What should Canada’s portfolio for private sector engagement in development look like?

A closer look at how Canada’s current approach to private sector engagement could be consolidated and expanded.

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A Look Ahead: International Development in 2016

What events should you tune into this year? Take a look at our list of Canadian and international development-related events.

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In Fixing Fragile States: Remittances are Not the Answer

David Carment explores why some states remain poor and stuck in a “fragility trap” despite the attention they receive from their diaspora, including heavy remittance flows.

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The Paris Agreement: Implications for Canada

The Paris Agreement was signed on to by 195 countries around the world. Now what? What does this mean for Canada and its economy?

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February 1, 2016: Trudeau’s Foreign Policy – The First 100 Days, Carleton University, Ottawa

This one day event will evaluate the Trudeau government’s foreign policy agenda during its first 100 days. Aniket Bhushan will speak on the new government’s approach to development and trade.

February 3, 2016: Sustainable Development Goals – Realistic or Idealistic? Hive, Vancouver

Hosted by PeaceGeeks and Amnesty International, Shannon Kindornay will provide and overview of the Sustainable Development Goals, unpacking how they differ from the Millennium Development Goals.

February 2016: Open Data Post Emergency Relief, University of Toronto

Aniket Bhushan will be speaking on a panel on open data at the University of Toronto.


January 15-16, 2016: Engineers Without Borders xChange Conference 2016.

Aniket Bhushan spoke on development finance at this year’s Engineers Without Borders conference.

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