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Budget Implementation Act, Bill C-86 (Part 4, Division 17) – Official Development Assistance

NFFN Briefing Submission and Oral Testimony

Submission and remarks on Bill C-86, Budget Implementation Act, Part 4, Division 17 – Official Development Assistance prepared for the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance (NFFN).

Bill C-86, Budget Implementation Act, Part 4, Division 17 – Official Development Assistance

by Aniket Bhushan
Submitted: Dec 5, 2018

This briefing submission and oral testimony:

  • Provides comments on 3 main elements of Budget Implementation Act (BIA) Bill C-86, Part 4, Division 17:
    • Change to reporting timeline: welcomed with qualifications
    • Repeal of “official development assistance” (ODA) definition: welcomed with qualifications
    • New authorities contained in International Financial Assistance Act (IFAA): welcomed; with request for greater detail, specific consultation/further study, and supportive recommendations
  • Provides key considerations and recommendations for future work:
    • Coordinate specific discussion and/or study the structure of Canadian ODA and development finance
    • Address transparency gaps and persistent informational and accountability issues

Full transcript and minutes of proceedings will be available on the NFFN Committee Meeting page in upcoming weeks.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact Aniket Bhushan (Principal, Canadian International Development Platform – CIDP) at aniket@cidpnsi.ca. For general inquiries about CIDP, email: info@cidpnsi.ca.

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