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NSI Senior Researcher Aniket Bhushan on Kevin Newman Live

Canada has committed an additional $3.5 billion to maternal and newborn child health (MNCH), from 2015 to 2020. This is an amount higher than what non-governmental organizations were calling for. The present commitment made in 2010 at the Muskoka G8 summit expires in 2015. This new announcement represents a bold step, and one that demonstrates Canada’s continued leadership in global health financing.

According to NSI’s analysis Canada ranks among to top 5 providers of development assistance for health. The fastest growing component of this type of aid in recent years has been aid to MNCH. This is particularly the case since Canada’s efforts to make MNCH a global priority and initial financial commitment back in 2010.

On May 27th, NSI Senior Researcher Aniket Bhushan was interviewed on Kevin Newman Live (CTV) to discuss Canada’s Muskoka-MNCH initiative. (The discussion begins at the 25min mark).

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