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RMNCH Explorer

Approx. total value of all active RMNCH projects
Approx. total value of active RMNCH projects that started in 2015 and 2016
Approx. percentage of new RMNCH investments as part of the C$3.5 billion commitment (2015-2020) visible via open data

Top 3 sectors:

  • Infectious disease control
  • Basic nutrition
  • Basic health care

Largest RMNCH investments since 2015:

  • Support to GAVI
  • Support to the Global Fund
  • Support to the Global Financing Facility for Women and Children

Largest Canadian partners since 2015:

  • Micronutrient Initiative
  • Aga Khan Foundation of Canada
  • Save the Children Canada

Largest individual SRHR (family planning) investment since 2015:

  • Strengthening Midwifery Services in South Sudan, 2015-2020, UNFPA: C$33.5 million

Recommendations for Global Affairs Canada and RMNCH stakeholders:

  1. Further consolidate data, methods and reporting to improve transparency
  2. Resist the urge to ‘over code’ at the project level
  3. Leverage and link results, impact, outcome and partner data, with field-level data and financial data

Method and Data:

  • Two data feeds and methodological approaches are provided: IATI XML data feed and Browser XML data feed
  • Both are sourced directly from official open data sources (GAC open data and the IATI registry)
  • The Browser XML version runs the legacy G8 Muskoka initiative methodology
  • The IATI XML runs the new OECD-DAC RMNCH policy marker significance level methodology
  • Further details to follow. For more information please contact info@cidpnsi.ca
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