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Data Dive into Canada’s Digital Diplomacy #IODC 2015

by Aniket Bhushan, in partnership with Pierre Killeen (VP, Public Engagement, Thornley Fallis Communications) and Scott Burlington (Data Scientist, 76 design).

Published: May 28, 2015

This post is a sneak preview of findings from ongoing research we will be presenting at the 3rd International Open Data Conference (May 28-29, 2015, Ottawa). Our panel, which includes participants from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development, including Canada’s Ambassador to Tunisia, takes place at 1:30 on May 29.

Here is a preview:

We leverage social big data to dive into Canada’s digital diplomacy experience. First we need to understand what is going on in the ‘social’ world.

Who is social? 

There are over 2 billion monthly active social accounts (across platforms) globally. We illustrate how social is evolving differently in the developed vs. emerging/developing world.

social who

social world

Dive into Canada’s Digital Diplomacy Universe 

  • We mapped and track 467 official social accounts
  • Includes all embassies/missions, all languages, across platforms
  • 264 Twitter accounts; 190 Facebook; 13 blogs
  • Sample for this analysis 13 month period April 2014 to end April 2015
  • Cumulative count of 112.2k tweets; 41.7k Facebook; 669 blog posts
  • Approx. 155k rows of data or over 1.7 million data points (including massive text data, network linkages, issues, resonance and other metrics)
  • over 3.2 million interactions (likes, shares, tweets, retweets, favorite)
  • (almost) big data!

can dd interaction

Where is most of the engagement taking place globally? 

We geocoded all feeds, and their associated networks and interactions, and mapped them:

social map

Can we dive deeper into what is resonating where? 

We measured resonance across feeds. To find out more, join us at the panel!


Can we analyze specific issues, events, networks deeper? 

As an illustration we took on the challenge of analyzing all of Canada’s international development feeds (i.e. DFTAD DEV or the second “D” in DFATD).

Our particular interest is in Canada’s flagship development priority – maternal and newborn child health or MNCH, and the associated #SavingLives campaign.

dev social


We analyzed how networks coalesce and evolve around Saving Lives. Our methodology can be applied to any issue area. We aim to further develop and refine our approach to analyzing how social networks develop and evolve into sub-networks.

Here are some final thoughts by way of implications. To learn more join us at #IODC2015



Watch this space for further updates and links to our presentation and analysis.

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