Forthcoming Aid Data

By Aniket Bhushan


CIDA’s annual report on aid spending is being released. This data will soon be updated into our interactive aid dashboards. As this usually involves a few steps, we thought we would share a quick preview of what the data will show. This report is interesting as it will be the first following Canada’s aid freeze, announced in the 2012 (not this year, but last years) budget.


As is clear from the graph below Canada’s foreign aid has been rising rapidly in recent years, increasing from around CAD$ 2.93 billion in 2000 to CAD$ 5.67 billion in 2012. The forthcoming data shows the freeze taking effect. Total spending for 2011 was CAD$ 5.64 billion, indicating a year on year increase of only CAD$ 32 million. An increase in nominal terms but flat in real terms.


The largest Canadian recipients in 2010-11 were Haiti (CAD$ 354 million) and Afghanistan (CAD$ 301 million). In 2011-12 the largest recipient was Ethiopia (CAD$ 207 million), with an increase of about CAD$ 31 million over 2010-11.


Whereas aid to Haiti declined by CAD$ 149 million to CAD$ 204 million, and aid to Afghanistan declined by CAD$ 138 million to CAD$ 163 million. These represent major reductions in spending to the two countries that have dominated Canadian aid in recent years. 


Ethiopia, Haiti, Tanzania, Afghanistan and Ghana were the top recipients in 2011-12. Sudan and South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, West Bank and Gaza, and Ethiopia were the main recipients of humanitarian assistance from Canada in 2011-12. The African continent remains by far the most important destination for Canadian aid with its share increasing from 38% in 2010-11 to around 42% in 2011-12; it is followed by Asia (20%) and Americas (17%).


In OECD-DAC terms (US$, calender year) aid from Canada shows an increase on a nominal basis in 2011, from US$ 5.2 billion (2010) to US$ 5.5 billion (2011). But Canada’s ODA/GNI ratio declines from 0.34% to 0.32%.


More details on the data update to follow shortly (click on the graph below to switch to an interactive view).


Fig 1. Canada’s total foreign aid 2000-01 to 2011-12

aid canada overall